• Banking and Financial
    A major requirement of financial transactions within a bank or insurance agency is an acute attention to detail. In a hectic, fast...Lire plus
  • Administration
    Print precision, reliability and cost efficiency. Those attributes might best describe characteristics sought by the public s...Lire plus
  • Santé
    Critical. That one word best encompasses most products and services relating and evolving around healthcare. This is no ...Lire plus
  • Hôtellerie
    If you check in guests or work in hospitality then you should be sure to check out the wide line up of serial matrix printers desi...Lire plus
  • Fabrication
    Manufacturing is tough work – demanding, time critical and often done in harsh environments. Dascom printers are robust and...Lire plus
  • Grande Distribution
    Printing invoices, receipts and tickets in a timely manner is an essential application for business. In the world of rip and run, ...Lire plus
  • Transport et Logistique
    Some of the largest shipping and logistics companies in the world turn to Dascom when they require rough and rugged printers built...Lire plus

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